Alia Radjabou’s Work Experience Blog

20 July 2018

For the last two weeks we’ve had Alia Radjabou – a year 10 student, over for work experience.  We sat down with her on the last day and asked her a few questions. Alia was able to create a work routine and try out multiple tasks, whilst still having some fun. A great experience to have, especially by seeing another side of work.

What’s your favourite music? What are you listening to right now?

Chill R&B, Latin and some top chart hits.  Right now I am listening to Daniel Caesar – the “Freudian” album

Do you have a musical background?

I play the drums and piano at a Grade 4.5 level. I’ve played drums for the past 5 years and I started learning piano at quite a young age because my mum taught me a few basics. However, I started proper lessons about 5 years ago at NM too. My brother plays many instruments, including the guitar, trumpet and the bass. My mum is a classical singer and also teaches piano and singing to children at Newham Music.

Why did you choose Newham Music for your work experience placement?

In all honesty, I chose Newham Music as I take lessons from NM, i was interested to see how all the events are put on behind the scenes. I also know most of the staff quite well, so at least I could feel more comfortable either way. I knew I could gain experience of the different work times, working as an organisation whilst still having your own tasks to do.

What do you think you want to do after you finish school? Don’t worry – we know this can change A LOT.

After I finish school I plan on going to university. I’ve looked at a few universities in Holland as the fees are much cheaper and I can gain new experiences by studying abroad. I’m not too sure what courses I will take however it will probably be something including languages and media.

What was your favourite thing about your two weeks with NM?

I’d say my favourite part of the two week placement was being able to see the behind the scenes of the events being held, such as, planning the entrances and exits of musicians to make the whole transaction smoother. This is because I have always been the one being in the event and performing however I had never seen the technical side of it with all the planning and stage management.

Was there anything you learned during your placement that surprised you?

I think one thing that I learnt which surprised me was the website. I was able to see how the website was edited and I also enter new events into the “What’s On”. Therefore I could see how much time and effort went into it. It was a great experience to gain of seeing the technical side of the job and just getting to know how everything functioned.

Give us three words to sum up your two weeks with NM.

Interesting, Experimental, Fun

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