Buying and hiring an instrument

If you’re going to improve as a musician, you’ll need an instrument to practise on – and you’ll need to practise!

(We recommend practising for 20 minutes every day – more if you can!)

Buying an instrument can be a big investment, but hiring is an affordable option.

We can hire out most instruments, though there are a few that we don’t. If you need or want to buy an instrument, talk to your teacher first! Your teacher will have loads of experience as to what’s available, and plenty of tips on what to look out for.

We don’t hire out…

  • pianos/ keyboards. If you’re taking piano lessons, you’ll need to have access to a piano or a good quality keyboard.

  • saxophones. We do hire these out, but stocks are very limited – check with us before you buy.

How much does hiring an instrument cost?

Hire is just £21 a term,  a great and inexpensive way to try before you buy!

If you have any questions about instrument hire you can call or email the office at any time, or ask your child’s music teacher if they are already having lessons.

Is there anywhere in Newham to buy instruments?

Unfortunately not. There are some really good online companies such as:

But do check with your teacher before you buy. The cheapest instrument might not be suitable (or it might be more difficult to play) and the most expensive might not be good value!

There’s no substitute for trying out the instrument first, though. If you can get into the centre of London there are loads of good shops with helpful staff. Ask your teacher for suggestions for your instrument.

Are there any schemes that can help with buying an instrument?

Yes! Arts Council England run a scheme in some music shops called Take it Away. They offer an interest free loan on buying an instrument from a music shop. Click here to visit their website to see how it works and what shops are involved in the scheme.

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