Wind groups and ensembles

Even though wind instruments are great for solo performers, they’re also right at home in a group. A wind ensemble is a really versatile group that might find itself playing marches in one concert, Hollywood blockbuster themes in the next.

Wind instruments begin with Training Orchestra, which is your first taste of orchestral playing. This is for students who can play 5 notes or more.

After Training Orchestra wind players can join the Roma Bridging Sounds Orchestra, a breakthrough mid-way group that brings together local Roma musicians and classical musicians in an exciting and wild partnership.

Before you know it, you’re playing with the Newham Youth Orchestra, ready to grace the stage at London’s finest concert halls. The Youth Orchestra plays classical music like Beethoven’s immense 5th Symphony, as well as Hollywood soundtracks arranged for the orchestra.

If you’re a more advanced woodwind student then join Senior Wind Band too, this prestigious band performs every November at the Cenotaph in Central Park and also plays Christmas Carols at the Crematorium

If you’re interested in a contemporary music group that  explores improvisation, playing by ear ad composition through a variety of different popular music styles such as jazz, funk, pop, rock and many more join Newham Music Collective. 

To join one of our ensembles and groups, please email for more information or call us on 020 3598 6260.

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