Exam FAQs

Q: When will my child be taking an exam?

A: If your child’s teacher thinks they are ready to do an exam – and willing to put in the work! – they will put them forward for it. All of our teachers are experienced and know when a child is ready.

Putting a child in for an exam can make it stressful and take some of the enjoyment out of playing – so it’s not worth rushing.

Q: How do I enter my child for an exam?

A: Your child’s teacher will let you know if your child is ready to take an exam. There’s a form to fill in and the teacher will provide you with the letter to make payment at the office.

Q: My child has been learning for 2 years but has never taken an exam. Who do I talk to?

A: It’s always best to discuss it with your child’s teacher.

To do this please contact the office on 020 3598 6260 or email info@newham-music.org.uk and they will arrange for the teacher to contact you.

Q: Where can I buy exam books?

A: Where you buy exam books will depend on which board the exam is with. It’s best to go to the exam board website to buy the correct book.

On their website you’ll also find lots of supporting material and information to help you through the exam preparation.

Q: Where will the exam take place?

A: Currently exams take place at St Paul’s Church, Burges Road, East Ham. However, you’ll get a letter with all the details when you book the exam.

Q: If my child is taking an exam am I expected to buy the piano parts?

A: Yes, you must have the piano and instrument parts and they must be originals, as photocopying is illegal.

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