Lesson details – FAQs

Q: What instruments do you teach?

A: Find out about all the lessons we offer here.

Q: Will I need to get my child their own instrument?

A: We recommend that your child practises their instrument at home at least three times a week. For this, you will need to ensure that they have an instrument to practise on. There’s helpful advice on buying or hiring an instrument here.

Q: Will my child need any music books?

A: Yes, and the teacher will let you know what music books you need to buy. The teacher will make sure that the number of books that you have to buy is kept as low as possible, and each book is likely to have a graded set of pieces that will last for some time.

Q: What time are lessons at the Academy?

A: Click here to see what time and where lessons are. 

Q: When does term start?

A: Click ‘here’ for up to date information on term dates.

Q: How many lessons are there in a term?

A: There are 10 weeks of lessons in a term (with a break for half term), and three terms in a year.

Q: How big is the waiting list? How long does it take to get to the top?

A: There’s a very high demand for lessons with Newham Music, so please be patient. The length of time on the waiting list varies from instrument to instrument:

If you want group lessons, we have to put together a group of children who are all learning at the same level.

Why not try asking which instruments have shorter waiting lists? Your child might enjoy the cello more than the piano! You might want to check what waiting lists are suitable for this comment! Check out our page on all the instruments we teach to see if there’s another instrument that’s just as exciting…

Q: How can I change my child’s lessons/teacher?

A: Sometimes your schedule changes and your lesson time isn’t working for you – we’ll always do our best to help, but please do give us time to find another slot.

Please email info@newham-music.org.uk or call the business office on 020 3598 6260, giving us as much information as you can.

If a child wants to change teachers, it’s worth finding out why:

Sometimes learning an instrument is hard, and from time to time the teacher might have to challenge your child or to push them harder than they expect – especially at exam time!

Take time to talk to your child’s teacher before changing. All our teachers are very experienced and are trained in a number of flexible approaches.

Q: What if I want to stop lessons?

A: Let us know before the end of the current term to allow us time to fill the student space, or we have to charge up to half a term’s fees, unfortunately.

Talk to us before you stop lessons though as we can try and help find you a better solution.

Please email info@newham-music.org.uk or call the business office on 020 3598 6260, giving us as much information as you can.

Q: Can I sit in on my child’s lessons?

A: Children focus and concentrate more during the lesson without a parent present;

So no, we don’t allow the parent to sit in. There are also safeguarding restrictions within the building.

Children find they can talk freely with the teacher, discuss their practice opportunities and build a positive learning relationship, allowing them more room to grow.

All of our experienced teachers provide lessons of an exceedingly high standard. They are also DBS checked for security purposes.

Q: What instruments can my child learn at school?

A: Contact the music co-ordinator at the school – they’re best placed to know exactly what’s available.

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