Brass is the one family of instruments that really does show a family resemblance. If you can play one of them, you can play them all – the only difference is that the trombone has a slide instead of ‘valves’ where you put your fingers.

You make the noise by blowing a raspberry into a mouthpiece, then for most of the instruments, you change the notes by moving your fingers on some buttons called ‘valves’ (apart from the trombone, with it’s amazing slide!).

Brass instruments can be brash and exciting or warm and soulful. They make film scores colourful and funk bands funky. A brass band can give a warm glow to any piece of music and a single trumpet call can be inspiring and dramatic.

Often you’ll find yourself playing alongside another brass player in a small section – brass players are always a tightly knit group who enjoy each other’s company and like to have a laugh.

Breathing problems? Don’t worry – playing a brass instrument will often help you to control your breathing!

We teach brass instruments in schools across the borough and at Newham Music Academy, our after-school and Saturday music centre. To enquire about lessons please email or call us on 020 3598 6260.

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