Guitar & ukulele

You know what a guitar looks like… or do you? Do you think of the flamboyant Spanish guitar, strumming out hot rhythms for the flamenco dancers, or do you think of screaming guitar solos over a thrashing rock band? What about the intense musicality of an acoustic guitar, or the comforting chords of a guitar backing your favourite song?

It’s difficult to pin the guitar down, so let’s split it into three main types; acoustic, electric, and bass.

The ukulele is a great instrument to start on.

It can play chords, tunes and rhythm. It’s light, cheap and small. Any chord that works on a ukulele works on a guitar and you can easily learn to read music and to play along with songs really quickly.

We teach the guitar and ukulele in schools across the borough and at Newham Music Academy our after-school and Saturday music centre. To enquire about lessons please email or call us on 020 3598 6260.


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