The woodwind instruments are a varied bunch. The only thing they have in common is that you make the noise by blowing air either into or across it, and you put your fingers over holes or ‘keys’ to change the note.

Woodwind, or ‘wind’ instruments very often play on their own in a group – so a jazz group might have one clarinet or one saxophone. An orchestra might have two flutes:

That’s ideal if you like taking centre stage but still like the feeling of being in a group. And there are lots of opportunities to play! There’s everything from the haunting sound of a solo flute to the honking enthusiasm of a rip-it-up saxophone riff.

Breathing problems? Don’t worry – playing a wind instrument will often help you to control your breathing!

We teach woodwind instruments in schools across the borough and at Newham Music Academy, our after-school and Saturday music centre. To enquire about lessons please email info@newham-music.org.uk or call us on 020 3598 6260.

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