Key Stage 3+ Resources

BBC Teach

  • BBC Ten Pieces opens up the world of classical music to children. There are lesson plans and resources bursting with ideas for how to get children to be creative with inspirational classical pieces, from Bach to Wagner with six weeks of learning and activities.
  • BBC Ten Pieces at Home explores one piece of classical music each week alongside a creative activity that can be completed by children at home without any special materials or preparation.
  • Secondary Interactive Lesson: This Ten Pieces Secondary Live Lesson aims to inspire young people to develop creative responses to classical music through art, composition and poetry.
  • Trailblazers challenges students to rethink orchestral music – what it sounds like, who can make it, and how it’s used – through ten trailblazing composers and their pieces of music. Discover Trailblazers with six weeks of learning and activities, customisable to you, aided by PowerPoint presentations.
  • KS3/GCSE Music Technology: A series of clips aimed at informing and enabling music students to understand the techniques and technology involved in music-making.

Royal Opera House – Create and Learn is a weekly programme of activities for children and young people learning at home. Requiring no prior knowledge of opera and ballet, this FREE series explores the magical world of the theatre, giving children a glimpse behind the Opera House’s famous stage.

Sing like an opera singer with English Touring Opera. Learn skills and techniques from Spring 2020 opera singers during this series of singing lessons. Each week a different opera singer will teach you a new technique and set homework so tune in and get singing.

Play along with Bollywood Brass Band! Watch their performance of Dum Maro Dum here and then you can download the music to learn the parts at home and play along with them! 

Using Sound and Music’s Minute of Listening, children at home get regular listening and appraisal opportunities, learn through discovery and make connections with music and their daily lives.

Our friends at Inspire-Works are leading free drumming workshops daily at 2pm on YouTube. Join in with body percussion, junk percussion or whatever kitchen utensils you can lay your hands on!

Sing Up are sharing free resources to keep children learning and singing outside of school. Download the videos, songs, including performance tracks and song lyrics, and activity bundles with worksheets for your young musicians.

British Youth Music Theatre are sharing free webinars exploring the musical theatre industry, audition tips, performances, and industry Q&A.

Jamzone – Learn to play your favourite instrument and songs. Write and record your own music. – Free concerts, operas, musical theatre performances and other arts and culture offerings

Former STOMP company member Ollie Tunmer is streaming ‘Body Beats’ daily body percussion activities.

The Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall is now free for everyone! Redeem the voucher code BERLINPHIL by 31 March and receive free access to all concerts and films in the Digital Concert Hall, including many educational concerts.

Charanga VIP Studio Sessions offers free rap resources, no login needed and a competition for all producers and rappers!

Explore free online music theory lessons and exercises, from the basics to more complex piece analysis.

Music-making apps

Music Industry How To has put together a list of the 26 Best Online Music Games for Classrooms. Many are worth checking out from home on your own as well.

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