Haul Away Joe – Tik Tok Singalong

Sing along with Emma to Haul Away Joe and send in your recordings for our giant Tik Tok style wall of Sea Shanty Singers!

Please submit your class’s videos to nicola.williams@newham-music.org.uk via WeTransfer.

Filming Tips

  1. Get into groups. We recommend that classes split into small groups to write, rehearse and perform their verses, taking it in turns to perform them one after another.
  2. Practise along with Emma’s track! Decide who is singing which lines of your newly created verses and in what order. Are you doing any actions? Emma has left space for you to sing three new verses in the gaps on this recording. Do as many or as few as you like.
  3. Position the camera; fix it securely, ideally in portrait orientation (up and down like Emma’s video above – not widescreen!) and film your groups one by one.
  4. To be included in the wall of videos, please make sure you are staying in time with the original track above.
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